Transportation Management

SAP provides shippers, consignees and logistics service providers with the ideal platform for modern transportation planning and execution.

From inbound to outbound, domestic and international, inter- and multi-modal, from parcels to bulk, seamlessly integrated in SAP supply-chain processes.

Freight Planning & Optimization
Planning & Dispatching
Resource & Carrier Selection
Order Tendering
Capacity Management
Order Management
Process Integration
Freight Orders
Forwarding Orders
Freight Bookings
Freight Settlement
Freight Agreements
Charges & Tariffs
Forwarding & Freight Order Settlement
Strategic Customer Contract Management
Warehouse Management
SAP EWM: Decentral or S/4HANA
Warehouse Automation & SAP MFS
Production Supply & Replenishment
Freight Execution & Monitoring
Logistics Execution
Integration with SAP EWM & SAP YL
Analytics & Operational Reporting
Tracking & Tracing
Visibility & Monitoring
Yard Logistics
Planning, Execution & Internal Processes
Check-In/Out, Exceptions & Measurements
Stacking & Location Determination
Import / Export
Dangerous Goods & Compliance
Document & Output Management

Transportation Management with SAP

Transport logistics based on SAP ERP, decentralized with SAP TM or embedded in SAP S/4HANA - Qinlox offers a wholistic service portfolio to realize your individual requirements:

  • SAP TM Transportation Management
  • SAP TM in S/4HANA – “Basic Shipping”
  • SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management
  • SAP YL – Yard Logistics

Evaluation & Implementation

Our experts are happy to help you find, implement and successfully run optimal solutions for your transportation and yard process requirements.

  • Capacity management and demand planning
  • Transport requirements and order management
  • Tenders and subcontracting
  • Transport planning and optimization
  • Yard logistics and yard management

Technology & Development

If required, we extend existing functionalities and develop bespoke solutions based on the latest SAP technology

  • Enhancement of standard business objects
  • Process integration with SAP BOPF
  • UI Extension of the Transportation Cockpit
  • SAP TM UI Components
  • Workflow-controlled scenarios with SAP BRF+

Integration & Optimization

We help our customers to integrate transportation management with other SAP components and legacy systems, seamlessly aligning systems and processes.

  • Process integration with SAP Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Process integration with SAP Yard Logistics (YL)
  • Integration of SAP GTS and SAP Event Management
  • B2B integration with legacy systems
  • Integration of third-party technology

"Carrier collaboration, freight planning, managing simple and complex freight-agreements, tendering and precise freight cost calculation? The optimization and consolidation of freight plans for domestic, international, single, or multi-modal transportation, mixed pallet building, scheduling the most freight for the lowest cost while honoring service constraints? We look forward to realize your requirements.”

Jens Kappauf
Managing Partner | Supply Chain Execution